3D printed mould v0-1

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3D printed mould v0-1
Ready to incubate!
Fresh tempeh out of a Domingo Club 3D printed mould
[Ready to cook!

The Design

The design is pretty simple, but smooth and balanced. It consists of a ~120x80x30 mm container (3mm of thickness) with a lid. There are small perforations all around the container and on the lid to allow the tempeh to breath during the fermentation process. The lid has notches to hold two rubber bands to keep the soybeans compacted inside. And the bottom part of container has a removable coin to easily remove the tempeh from the mould after incubation.

With these constraints put together, several forms can follow. We have for now, a rectangle, a zigzag and a stackable round mould.

Domingo Club tempeh mould in FreeCAD

We use FreeCAD, an open-source parametric 3D modeler that you can download for free, to design our mould. Parametric modeling allows you to easily modify our design by going back into our spreadsheet and change the values in milimeters.

Here are the sources of:

  • the rectangle tempeh mould V1 (stl file and freeCAD file)
  • the zigzag tempeh mould v1 (stl file and freeCAD file)
  • the round stackable tempeh mould v1 (stl and freeCAD file)

available on github and wikifactory

How to fabricate the moulds?

Please, read our article to know how to 3D-print your own tempeh moulds.