Silicon tempeh mould

Silicon tempeh mould

Documentation page for the fabrication of our silicone tempeh moulds. These silicone moulds are supposed to be an improved version of our 3D printed moulds. They use the same model but are first moulded in a block of wax and then cast in food grade silicone. This would allow us to increase our production speed while guaranteeing high quality.

First attempt at making a silicone mould for tempeh production. We used a mini-milling machine to mill our design into a block of wax, then poured food grade silicone into it to produce the desired silicone tempeh mould.

Good points

  • The result is very promising, we really like it!
  • Silicone is easy to clean and safe in a kitchen
  • The moulding and casting technique can easily be optimised for higher production.

Bad points

  • The container is maybe a bit too flexible
  • The container mould was difficult to peel off, we need to find a trick in our design to make this step easier
  • The overall result is a bit sticky, maybe the mixing wasn’t done properly (ratio 1/1)

Fabrication process

Pouring silicon