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Domingo Necklace

€65,00 EUR (tax included)
Wear this necklace for 24-30 hours to ferment your own plant-based protein with the heat of your body. Handmade in Barcelona.
Worldwide shipping or pick-up at Carrer de Pere IV 29 08018 Barcelona.

The Domingo Necklace is made of

  • a 1.5 mm wide fairtrade 925 sterling silver curb chain with a spring ring clasp
  • a lightweight petri dish holder designed and 3D printed by us in bioplastic (PLA)
  • a 60 mm diameter glass petri dish with the Domingo Club logo engraved on the back
  • a moon-shaped measuring tool designed and 3D printed by us in bioplastic (PLA)
  • organic split soybeans grown in Italy (non-GMO and no chemicals used during any stage of production)

The necklace comes with

  • instructions to make your own tempeh with the Domingo Necklace
  • soybeans and tempeh starter to create four tempehs with the Domingo Necklace


  • Galaxy Black or Vanilla White


  • One Size (71 cm neck size)

Created 30/11/2021

Updated 03/11/2021