Bali Tempe

It’s been over a month that we are in Bali now and every day we’re just as pleasantly surprised at how tempe(h) is everywhere. It’s great. It’s served for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and as snacks. Everywhere, all the time.

From our discussions with locals, it is also surprising how omnipresent but unknown tempe(h) is. Unknown in the sense that very few people know what tempe(h) is made of, or how it is made, not to mention that it is a relationship between plants and fungi, and that this local superfood can be deployed worldwide using local crops, not just soy.

But I guess not really knowing what we’re eating is a problem of the last decades, and unfortunately doesn’t only apply to tempe(h). Indeed, the food industry is trying to make us eat anything with ingredients that are impossible to pronounce.

Let’s take back control of what we eat, let’s re-interested in what gives us our energy. Long live tempe(h)!