Domingo Necklace

Domingo Necklace
€38,00 EUR

Ferment your tempeh using your body heat and energy

€38,00 EUR (Tax included)

Inspired by wonderful Indonesia, this new version of the Domingo necklace has a soft and natural style, making the joys of tempeh fermentation even more accessible than before.

This necklace allows you to ferment a small tempeh in a couple of days using your body heat and energy. Proudly wear a growing mycelial network before enjoying a delicious bite of tempeh, observe its growth and understand its values in an intimate and delicate way.

Worldwide shipping or pick-up at Carrer de Salvà 23, 1-2, 08004 Barcelona.
Usually ready in 2-4 days.

The Domingo Necklace is made of a natural fiber string with adjustable necklace length, a lightweight bioplastic Petri dish holder, a glass petri dish, a bioplastic moon-shaped measuring tool, organic split soybeans grown in Italy.

The Domingo Necklace comes with instructions to make your own tempeh, soybeans and tempeh starter to create 4 tempehs.

This starter kit allows you to go further in your experience, or to offer the necklace to a loved one, in order to keep the practice of tempeh fermentation and its values alive.

The Domingo Necklace is available in Galaxy Black or Vanilla White

Find the instructions here

Domingo Necklace
Domingo Necklace

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