Fermenter necklace

Instructions for using the Fermenter necklace

Fermenter necklace

Yes, you can ferment your food with the heat of your body! Domingo Club made a necklace for this. Wear it for 24-30 hours and ferment your own plant-based protein aka tempeh. Get it on our shop

About Tempeh

Tempeh is a fermented product from Indonesia made from soybeans and fungi. During the fermentation, the fungus feeds on the soybeans and grows in the space around them, binding them together. This processs breaks down the molecules and this pre-digestion allows us to absorb many more nutrients from the soybeans. That makes tempeh as rich in protein and iron as meat. It is also higher in fibre and calcium while being lower in saturated fat and salt. The taste of tempeh evokes aromas of mushrooms, nuts and yeast, and its texture is firm, chunky and “meaty”. Extremely delicious!

About the Fermenter necklace

The Domingo Necklace is a poetic invitation to anyone to start fermenting tempeh without any other device than your body.

How to make tempeh with the Domingo Necklace

prepare the soybeans

  • Measure the amount of beans by placing the moon-shaped measuring tool in the petri dish and filling the remaining space with the soybeans
  • Soak the prepared beans in a small container filled with water overnight
  • Boil the soybeans in water with a drop with vinegar for 25 minutes
  • Strain the beans and dry them with a clean cloth
  • put them in a bowl and sprinkle a quarter of the tempeh starter powder on top
  • mix well and place them in your petri dish (first removing the moon-shaped measuring tool)

ferment your tempeh

  • Wear the necklace for the following 24-30 hours next to your skin under your shirt
  • When the necklace is not worn, it is recommended to store it in a dark place with a room temperature between 21°C and 31°C
  • During the night, it can be slipped under the pillow
  • You won’t see any change during the first 15 hours - it’s normal
  • After 15 hours, it begins! You will see white appear
  • When the petri dish is fully white after 24-30 hours, your tempeh is ready!

cook your tempeh or store it for later

  • You can fry the tempeh in a pan with olive oil and add it to your meal, with a bit of lime juice or with a drop of your favorite sauce
  • You can also marinate it for several minutes and then fry it
  • If you don’t want to eat it straight away, you can store it in the fridge for a day or freeze it for several days


The Fermenter necklace is made of:

  • a 1.5 mm wide fairtrade 925 sterling silver curb chain with a spring ring clasp
  • a lightweight petri dish holder designed and 3D printed by us in bioplastic (PLA)
  • a 60 cm diameter glass petri dish with the Domingo Club logo engraved on the back
  • a moon-shaped measuring tool designed and 3D printed by us in bioplastic (PLA)
  • organic split soybeans grown in Italy (non-GMO and no chemicals used during any stage of production)

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