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Our sriracha recipe is online 

We are Sriracha Lovers, we put it on almost everything. And even more on tempeh!

Check out our sriracha recipe, try it at home and give us your review.

Hope it'll be hot as hell! 👹

Talk at FAB16 "Fabricating the commons" 

This morning we had the chance to present our open-source incubator at the Fab16, the worldwide event of the Fablab network! We gave a talk, or theory workshop as they call it, for the first time and we really enjoyed doing it.

We covered topics such as:

  • fermentation as a process of partnering with microorganisms
  • plant-based proteins as an effective solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • how to make tempeh
  • why we make open source tools
  • how to leverage the principles of distributed design and decentralised manufacturing

Thank you all for coming and we hope to share the recording soon for those interested who missed it :-)

FAB16 event

FAB16 brings together members of the international Fab Lab network, as well as government officials, academic researchers, and experts in the field of digital fabrication, to present, envision, discuss, and build community around digital fabrication, technology, and innovation. This year, FAB16 and Fab City Summit will all be hosted online, with FAB16 Hubs creating events for their communities to join the online programming and local programming of their own.


Back to the post office today, but this time bound for Amsterdam.

Indeed, in the context of the Hyper Global / Hyper Local exchange programme, we are teaming up with Valentina from My Vegan Fam to improve our tempeh moulds.

Let us introduce her

Valentina is a professional tempeh maker based in Amsterdam. She has a burning passion for tempeh and that pushes her to get out and spread the love for this fantastic food. She is the one who gave us her tempeh recipe when we were in Amsterdam two years ago.

She will test our moulds and give us feedback, we will then co-design the next version and finally, we will support her to 3D print the new version in a local makerspace in order to test the distributed design and decentralised fabrication side of the project. We'll keep you posted!

Bingo Escabelle 

We sent a prototype version of our Incubator Necklace to See U Brussels in the context of their Bingo Escabelle which took place on Sunday 11th July.

What is an Incubator Necklace?

Our incubator necklace is a playful invitation to observe and understand the collaboration with natural processes. Visit the incubator necklace page to discover it.

Bingo Escabelle put the spotlight on engaged Brussels projects and collectives by presenting their creative work during a fun and convivial moment.

We are looking forward to finding out who won this prize and became the new owner of this micro pet! Send us pictures 👀

Distributed Design 2021 

Good news! We won the Distributed Design Award 2021!

Our project was first selected, among the 12 finalists, in the Adaptable and open-design category and now, after a few weeks of suspense, we have just learned that we won the award for excellence! Woop woop!

We'll receive 2000€ to finance the development of the Domingo Club and our incubator. Long live the Domingo Club!

Thanks distributeddesign!

New electronics on the way 

New electronic system for the incubator being prototyped, soon with a Raspberry Pico and an OLED screen.

Food System Game Changer 

EAT, IDEO, Thought For Food, The Rockefeller Foundation and Forum For the Future have joined forces to discover and support ideas, enterprises and initiatives that have the potential to transform our world’s food systems. The Food Systems Game Changers Lab is in support of the UN Food Systems Summit.

With the Domingo Club, we’re working with other game changers who have ideas, initiatives, and innovations that can bring positive change to global food systems—and the passion, grit, collaborative spirit, and determination required to take our solutions forward in partnership with others.

We're part of the innovating protein cohort.

The new version of the incubator is coming 

We have started the design of the new version of our incubator, taking into account the feedback received since our previous prototype. In particular, its size!

Everyone has different needs, tastes, space, and so does our incubator. We design our new model/prototype in a free and open-source software, Freecad, that offers everyone the possibility to use and modify our designs to meet their needs.

We will be fabricating the new incubator this summer at Fab Lab Barcelona as part of Food Shift's Food Tech 3.0 programme. All the sources of our project will be available as soon as they are usable, on our website and most probably on Wikifactory ;-)

In the video

A demo of our parametric model that can take "almost" any size.

Design in Age of Crisis 

For those who are or will be in London this month (June 2021): You will be able to see the Domingo Club as part of the Cathedral of Creativity taking place in the Somerset House galleries for the Design in Age of Crisis exhibition - presented as part of the London Design Biennale. Please take pictures if you go :)

Forest for Change, London Design Biennale, Somerset House (Ed Reeve)
Forest for Change, London Design Biennale, Somerset House (Ed Reeve)

From One to Many 

Last month we participated in WikiFactory's #FromOneToMany challenge and they just announced that we won the functionality prize with our tempeh moulds, woop woop!

We have won a form box machine that will help us to develop our mould series and research new materials by further exploring moulding and casting techniques.

Sriracha sauce in the making 

This morning I came back from the local fruit and vegetable shop with a ton of chillies, with the idea of making a new sriracha sauce (a fermented chilli sauce from Thailand). This sauce never lasts long in our house, we eat it with just about everything.

The recipe is coming

We'll write our recipe as soon as we finish this batch.

The recipe is composed of two steps with a fermentation time in between, which makes it quite quick and easy to make for an excellent and very spicy result.

— Toni

The very first post 

Welcome to our new section: The Domingo Journal. Here we want to explain a little more deeply and naturally the things we do, that happen to us, that we create on a daily basis. To take you with us.

Because we don't want to centralise our content on platforms we don't trust, we decided to keep the scoop here and then relay it to our Instagram and Mastodon (think of the free and open source version of Twitter) accounts and simply and brilliantly through our RSS feed.

See you soon ☼