July 2022

We’ve been in our studio designing, making and coding our fermenter prototypes for a long time now and we miss sharing real moments with you around healthy and sustainable food. But we are getting there! So what are we busy with now?

  • We are finishing the fermenter, we can see the end! We still have a few details to work out, but basically we’re getting there. Maud is finishing the last details of the cabinet so that it can be easily manufactured later on, while Antoine is coding the interface of the electronics, so that it will be the easiest to use, by all. It’s taking us longer than expected, as we’re learning a lot along the way, but wow what an experience.
  • We are documenting our entire process, from design to fabrication to use, as always we want to be as inclusive as possible to bring together as many fermentistas as possible. we dream of a world where everyone enjoys delicious plant-based proteins, made at home in a conscious and environmentally friendly way.
  • We are designing a series of workshops around tempeh fermentation, but also about how to make the fermenter. If you are interested in this kind of workshop, please contact us.
  • We are preparing our summer holidays, where we will spend a few days in Belgium to see friends and family, and then we will go to the north of Spain to cycle the Camino de Compostela, we can’t wait!