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Movimiento y Tempeh

€35,00 EUR (tax included)
Movement workshop by Zarina Rondón and tempeh dinner by Domingo Club on Wednesday 8th December from 18:30 to 22:00 at Espai Cosmos Poblenou.
December 8, Espai Cosmos, C. de Pere IV 78-84, 6-8 / Metro L4 Bogatell

We propose an event that nourishes the body, mind and soul through corporal movement and sustainable food.

We will start with a 2 hour session of the movement workshop given by Zarina Rondón where movement will be explored with exercises that open the doors of observation to detail our ability to dance, move and exercise with flexibility (mental and physical).

Afterwards, we will gather around a shared meal where the Domingo Club will introduce the world of fermentation and fungi with tempeh. They will offer a 100% vegan dish, in which tempeh will shine on its own and will be combined with seasonal vegetables and condiments.

Images shot by Benjamin Scott on the roof of our studio in Poblenou (Barcelona, Spain) and edited by Zarina Rondón. Movements by Zarina Rondón, Pilar Rodriguez Catón y Gabriela Lotaif. Tempeh Necklace by Domingo Club.

Created 22/11/2021

Updated 22/11/2021