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Silicon moulds v0.1

This article is part of: silicon-moulds-v0-1.

First attempt at making a silicone mould for tempeh production. We used a mini-milling machine to mill our design into a block of wax, then poured food grade silicone into it to produce the desired silicone tempeh mould.

Good points

  • The result is very promising, we really like it!
  • Silicone is easy to clean and safe in a kitchen
  • The moulding and casting technique can easily be optimised for higher production.

Bad points

  • The container is maybe a bit too flexible
  • The container mould was difficult to peel off, we need to find a trick in our design to make this step easier
  • The overall result is a bit sticky, maybe the mixing wasn't done properly (ratio 1/1)

Fabrication process

Pouring silicon


Created 29/07/2021

Updated 30/07/2021