What we have been doing lately

Fab Island Challenge

We had the chance to participate in —and win— the Fab Island Challenge organised by Fab City during the Bali Fab Fest!

The Fab Island Challenge brought together local and international innovation communities to contribute to a regenerative economy by developing meaningful solutions that could address various challenges faced by communities in Bali. Teams from around the world learned about a number of local initiatives and their specific challenges, and then proposed and designed prototypes of potential solutions - the best of which were then selected to receive seed funding for implementation.

We were part of the Kopernik team, an organisation that finds what works to reduce poverty, by experimenting with potential solutions that address common challenges.

Our challenge focused on the inefficiencies of harvesting and post-harvest processing by smallholder coffee and cocoa farmers in Bali. After 10 days of research and design, we are pleased to announce that the Kopernik challenge and the prototypes we developed have been selected as one of the winners, which means that the initiative can now move on to development and implementation to help address the challenges faced by farmers.

Panel session for MDDI kick-off

We are pleased to have been invited to a live-streamed panel session from Bali for the kick-off of the Master in Design for Distributed Innovation by Fab City Global Initiative.

We had the chance to share our story, our vision, our mission and our projects with the new students of the master and other local guests of the Bali Fab Fest.

You can find the recording of the whole session here, we are talking at 22’36”. Or read the blogpost.

Tools for a Warming Planet at Dutch Design Week

Our 3D printed tempeh mould and Domingo necklace were featured at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven this October 21-29 as part of the Tools for a Warming Planet exhibition.

Thanks to Beth Ferguson, Sara Dean and Marina Monsonís for taking us on a journey with them.

Maker Faire Roma 2022

Here’s a glimpse of our Fermenter Necklace at the 10th edition of Maker Faire Roma 2022 this past October 7-8-9. Thanks to Fab Lab Barcelona for featuring us on their booth.

Pictures: Courtesy of Fab Lab Barcelona

tempemovement came to meet us!

Hey! Look who we met! The one and only Driando from tempemovement! If you don’t know him, he’s the food scientist and entrepreneur who started a great movement to promote and share Indonesia’s best kept secret, tempe(h)! We had the chance to show him our fermenter and fermenter necklace in person. It’s a small world!

Driando, it was a great pleasure to meet you yesterday in Barcelona, and we look forward to seeing you again in Indonesia very soon! Have a great trip in Europe!

Terra i Gust

These past weekend was the Fiestas de La Mercè, the big celebration of Barcelona. And with it came the festival of sustainable food at the Ronda de Sant Antoni. Our Fermenter Mini was showcased at the FoodShift2030 stand. We are very glad to have participated in the celebration of the beautiful and sustainable Barcelona!