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Domingo Club is an initiative by Maud Bausier and Antoine Jaunard, a duo of Belgian designers with complementary forces, freshly settled in Barcelona, Spain.

We make fermented food, open-source tools and explore collaboration with natural processes to promote understanding, transparency, resilience and equity in our global food system.

Big changes come from everyday habits, join us in the club and let's make our Sunday more impactful.

What's in the making?

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Toni & Maudi, Barcelona, 2021
Toni & Maudi, Barcelona, 2021


Fermented food provides delicious, protein-packed meals from natural ingredients that require little effort for maximum benefit. Power food is at our fingertips.

We advocate open source tools (hardware and software) to allow others to understand, modify and repair the tools we produce. Together we will develop a proactive and hacktivist attitude.

We believe that partnering with living systems encourages us to move away from rapid, global manufacturing processes, helping us to be more conscious of our natural environment and its resources. Let's move towards a bio-based circular economy for a bright future.


With the desire to encourage fermented food and food waste recycling, we design and develop an incubator.

What is an incubator?

An incubator is a device that maintains the necessary parameters, such as temperature and humidity, for an environment suitable for the growth of mycelium (the vegetative part of fungi) and microorganisms of all kinds.

With the support of Fab Lab Barcelona and its European program Food Shift 2030 (Food Tech 3.0), we use digital fabrication techniques to prototype and produce our device. Allowing it to be (re)produced in any Fab Lab / maker space around the world according to the principles of open-source and decentralized fabrication.

A tempeh mould that we designed and 3D printed
A tempeh mould that we designed and 3D printed

In the meantime, we already use our first incubator prototype to make delicious tempeh that is now part of our daily diet.

What is tempeh?

Tempeh is an Indonesian fermented food product originally made out of soy beans. The taste evokes aromas of mushroom, nut and yeast.

Our tempeh after ~30 hours of incubation
Our tempeh after ~30 hours of incubation


Email us at hola@domingoclub.com if you would like to discuss any of these topics with us. We speak English, Spanish and French.

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Created 18/03/2021

Updated 18/03/2021