As a multi-disciplinary design studio, we offer a variety of services ranging from design and digital fabrication, through education and research & developement, to electronics and physical computing.


  • digital and decentralised fabrication
  • microorganisms, mycelial network and bio-materials
  • plant-based food and fermentation technology
  • education, open-source and knowledge sharing


  • prototype design and development
  • environmental sensing and physical computing
  • digital fabrication
  • teaching and community building

We are open to collaboration for public or private projects.
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We turn ideas into products. Our services range from graphic design, interface design, object design, product design and space design. Our practice is hollistic, taking into account the materials and means of fabrication/production available.

Design of a 3D printed tempeh mould, ideal for mycelium growth

Digital fabrication

We are experts in digital fabrication. We work with 3D printers, large and small format CNC machines and laser cutters to turn our ideas into reality.

Computer numerical control machine, also known as CNC machine

Education and workshop

Sharing our knowledge and recent discoveries through workshops and courses is important to us. Making it possible to learn by doing.

We teach tempeh fermentation, bio materials, electronics, coding. We like to discuss sustainability, food culture, working with micro-organisms, understanding mycelium, developing tailor-made tools and resilience.

Fermentation workshop held in our studio

Research and development

We create prototypes to validate ideas. Research into materials, structure and shape. Our years of observation and research into fungi and mycelium as materials have enabled us to develop sustainable, innovative ideas.

Maud prototyping food-grade silicone moulds

physical computing

We work with computers, sensors, microcontrollers and actuators to make our projects interactive with their environment. Our practice ranges from electronic design, programming (python, C++, javascript) to data analysis in order to create complete interactive systems.

Prototype of a collective mediation device

And if your idea doesn’t yet exist on the market, we can make it happen. Whether it’s a product, an interactive experience or an educational tool.

Design and fabrication of a custom electronic circuit board (PCB)