Domingo Fermenters Club #02

​Fermentation is a beautiful practice of resilience that invites us to (re)discover our food landscape, to collaborate with microorganisms and to delight our taste buds. We love the effect that fermentation, and therefore fermented food, has on us so much that we would like to invite you all to another Domingo Fermenters Club next Sunday, the 5th of May.

​With this meeting we would like to invite you all to (try to) ferment something at home and come and share it with us. Together we will talk, eat, drink, discover, experiment and share the fascinating world of fermentation. In this edition, Arantza Begueria, fermenter and anthropologist, will present her research on the practice of fermentation in different areas of Barcelona. Guiding us into unexplored territories. The presentation will mainly be in Spanish, but the discussions will take place in a natural way, no matter what language you speak. The food speaks for itself.

The Domingo Fermenters Club is a gathering where new and old friends share a common practice, talk about it and share experiences. We learn by doing, we care by sharing. The event is free, although the venue Akasha Hub asks for an annual membership of 5 euros and a jar for donations will be present for those willing to support us financially.

​We hope to see you there with your fuzzy experiment,
Maud and Antoine

Sunday 05/05/24
From 12 to 2 pm

Carrer de la Verneda, 19, Nave 1,
Sant Martí, 08018 Barcelona