Domingo Fermenters Club: First edition!

Bring a homemade plant-based ferment and share it with the club. Together we will talk, eat, drink, discover, experiment and share the incredible world of fermentation.

For this first edition, we will count with the presence of our friend Silvana Lastra Melendro, who will present us her project BICHO and her special relationship with her kombucha. We can’t wait to find out more.

Meetup: Domingo Fermenters Club 24/03/24

The event is free for members of the Akasha Hub association. And if you are not yet a member, it only costs 5 euros a year to become one.


  • Presentation of the BICHO project by Silvana
  • Sharing and tasting of everyone’s ferments
  • Discussion and fermentation of ideas

Come and discover, learn and experiment with us.

Sunday 24/03/24
From 12 to 2 pm

Carrer de la Verneda, 19, Nave 1,
Sant Martí, 08018 Barcelona

Meetup: Domingo Fermenters Club 24/03/24