FoodCulture Days 2023

It was a blast to be part of the @foodculturedays art biennial 2023, surrounded by wonderful people, landscapes, art and food. The initiative proposes artistic and multidisciplinary projects that address the intrinsic link between food and ecology, with the aim of promoting social and environmental justice.

There, we organised two experiments based on the Domingo fermenter necklace. In two intimate workshops with 10 participants, we explored and understood the preparation of tempeh and then passed on our energy to the mycelial network on the festival site. Two days later, we gathered in the kitchen to celebrate the growth of the mycelium and taste the personal flavours of each tempeh.

It was an incredible opportunity for us to carry out this experiment over several days and receive live impressions from the participants. It’s definitely a fantastic and powerful way of connecting with them.

We were also delighted to be able to take part in the various activities offered as part of the programme and meet other initiatives and projects.