Domingo Fermenter Lab

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For kitchen scientists

Our Fermenter Lab can incubate 18 large Petri dishes at the desired temperature. It’s the ideal incubator for kitchen scientists, allowing you to experiment with all kinds of fermentation processes, as well as new biomaterials and mycelium-based objects.

It features an integrated interface for choosing your fermentation/incubation mode, a heating system consisting of three heat pads and two fans to distribute the heat evenly throughout the fermenter, a digital temperature sensor, and three shelves that can be pulled out and placed on top of the fermenter to free up volume if required.

Reaching the ideal temperature

The Fermenter Lab allows you to reach the ideal temperature for the development of your micro-organisms. For rhizopus (the fungus used for tempeh), for example, we vary the temperature from 32°C to 27°C over a period of two days, to achieve perfect development. These incubation/fermentation modes can be easily modified/created by connecting the fermenter to a computer via a usb cable, if for example you want to create a reishi mode, which swings from 29°C to 26°C over a period of 6 days.

Make it yours

The Fermenter Lab was designed from the ground up to be easily assembled and disassembled. The fabrication plans and software of the fermenter are open-source, so you can repair it, improve it, hack into it or simply make it your own. The electronics are designed to be as standard as possible, so that they can be understood and last over time. It uses a Raspberry Pico as the brain and a customised circuit board to easily connect the various components needed for the fermenter to work properly.

Difference between the Fermenter and Fermenter Lab

The Fermenter and Fermenter Lab use the same technology. Only their volumes are different. Choosing one over the other depends on your use, and the space available in your kitchen, laboratory or work and research station. Contact us if you have any doubts.

Special offers

we’re offering a special price for first sales, because as these are the first fermenters in the wild, we like to make sure that everything goes smoothly, from fabrication to use. We currently produce the Fermenter Lab in blue and green. These colours will change with the seasons, depending on our mood and the boards we get.


Specification Value
Width 400 mm
Depth 300 mm
Height 376 mm
Weight 5.2 kg
Operational voltage 12 V
Power consumption 36 Wh
Max temperature* 45°C

* measured in an environment of about 18°C

What is in the box

  • The pre-assembled Domingo Fermenter Lab
  • Three shelves that can be folded up and used outside the fermenter if required
  • Assembled and programmed electronics
  • A 12V power supply with a European plug
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