Domingo Fermenter

Fermenter technology

We need technological help to grow tempeh in places where the climate is not suitable for its growth. The idea of our fermenter is to replicate the Indonesian climate, to cooperate with nature and help it to help us. But the technology for our device doesn’t need to be intrusive, connected to the internet, track our habits or consume more energy than it actually needs. It just needs to produce heat according to what the growth of the mycelium requires. Only a few components are needed. A few components that we can understand, repair and improve if necessary. A few components that reconcile open-source technology with citizens and our food production. We like to call it calm technology.

Electronic components of the Domingo fermenter

Fermenter design

The Fermenter has been designed to be placed in the kitchen as well as in the living room, or any other inspiring room, be it on a worktop or a coffee table. The design is harmonious, unique, compact and clear with particular attention paid to the choice of materials for a sustainable product. The external enclosure is made of natural wood fibre panel dyed in the mass with organic colouring agent, very satisfying to mill with great finish and texture. The shelves and the inner technical panel are lasercut from aluminium sheet for easy maintenance, durability and heat transfert. Fastening systems are complemented by 3D printed parts made of PLA, a compostable polymer obtained from corn starch.

Detail of the user interface
Custom electronics design
One of our first prototypes
Preliminary sketches

Made with love and care

We’re extremely satisfied to have developed a design and manufacturing system that allows us to build our products ourselves, at our own pace and on our own terms. This allows us to save resources and remain conscious of the resources we use. Each fermenter is made with care and love in our Barcelona workshop. We’re grateful for all the support and orders we’ve received, and it’s a real pleasure to see the fermenter community growing!