Open Tempeh Project

It’s been a few years now since we decided to devote a large part of our personal energies to fermentation processes, and in particular tempeh fermentation, as part of a movement of sharing, solidarity and resilience. We see tempeh as one of the solutions to the climate crisis, thanks to the plant protein it provides and the consequent reduction or elimination of animal products to meet our nutritional needs. But it is also an invitation to observe the natural processes that surround us, to become aware of where our food comes from and to (re)form a relationship with it that is all too often lost. This symbiosis between legumes and mycelium formed during the fermentation of tempeh has therefore become of great interest in our practice.

Delicious vegan dish made with peanut tempeh

Our vision of the world changed when we began to take an interest in micro-organisms, fermenting all sorts of things at home, enjoying taking care of our cultures, tasting them in our meals and feeling the benefits for our health. We now want to share this fabulous practice of fermenting tempeh, teaching it as an innovative and regenerative solution in a context linked to our food heritage, and to the future of the global food system.

Tempeh Fermentation workshop held in our studio

Tempeh is a natural source of plant protein obtained by fermenting legumes with fungi, it has been discovered in Indonesia several hundred years ago. It was initially an economic invention to cope with meat consumption, but it can be deployed as an innovative and regenerative solution to the climate crisis.

Fresh tempeh out of the fermenter

Field trip in Indonesia

the future of food

‪We had the chance to express our views on how can we better empower citizens to participate in their food system and be active part of the tranformation to diferent kind of event, such as exhibitions, talks, conferences, workshops, etc

Fixing the Future Festival in the Design Hub of Barcelona
Foodshift 2030 Policy Conference in Brussels
Foodshift 2030 Policy Conference in Brussels