Domingo Fermenter


The fermenter software is written in CircuitPython so that the code is relatively easy for anyone to read and is also designed to be taught in workshops.

The fermenter software is available on Github.

Get the software on Github

Installing CircuitPython

  1. Download CircuitPython from
  2. Connect your board with a USB data cable.
  3. Click on the BOOSTSEL button and connect your board to your computer. From here you should see a new device called RPI-RP2 connected to your computer.
  4. Now find the file you downloaded. Drag this file to the new RPI-RP2 device. If all goes well, the device should disappear for a second, then reappear as CIRCUITPY.

Bravo you have successfully installed CircuitPython on your fermenter’s microcontroller!

Installing the fermenter software

  1. Download the fermenter software from Github, select the latest release.
  2. Delete all the content present on the CIRCUITPY device
  3. Unzip the folder you have just downloaded and enter the software folder. Select all its contents (boot_out.txt, and the lib folder) and drag it on the empty CIRCUITPY drive.

And voila, the Domingo fermenter software should be installed and working.


Let us know if any of these steps don’t work and we’ll see what we can do to help you. Contact us by email at