What we have been doing lately

tempemovement came to meet us!

Hey! Look who we met! The one and only Driando from tempemovement! If you don’t know him, he’s the food scientist and entrepreneur who started a great movement to promote and share Indonesia’s best kept secret, tempe(h)! We had the chance to show him our fermenter and fermenter necklace in person. It’s a small world!

Driando, it was a great pleasure to meet you yesterday in Barcelona, and we look forward to seeing you again in Indonesia very soon! Have a great trip in Europe!

Terra i Gust

These past weekend was the Fiestas de La Mercè, the big celebration of Barcelona. And with it came the festival of sustainable food at the Ronda de Sant Antoni. Our Fermenter Mini was showcased at the FoodShift2030 stand. We are very glad to have participated in the celebration of the beautiful and sustainable Barcelona!

Bali Fab Fest

What great news came in our emails this week! We have received a grant to travel to Bali, to participate in the design challenge at the Bali Fab Fest, the world’s largest Fab Lab event. We will be researching and designing bio-materials made from mycelium, the roots of mushrooms!

We will take this chance to see Indonesia in a broader sense, to immerse ourselves in its energy. Indonesia is the birthplace of tempe(h), and we couldn’t have found a more meaningful destination. We will be able to learn everything we ever wanted to know about our favourite fermented product, to be with the people who make it, in its natural environment. The Domingo Club can only grow from this, and we can’t wait!

Open Food Factory

Ciao Milano! We are very pleased to have been invited by PoliFactory, the Fablab within the Bovisa campus of Politecnico di Milano, to give a talk about distributed design for plant-based food for an event they organised called Open Food Factory. This event was held to inspire young designers and makers to participate in a challenge they had just launched. It was a great experience for us to be part of the selection of speakers, as we all had a different approach but one goal. We felt inspired and understood. The event ended with an aperitivo where we had the chance to exchange with the audience.

Many thanks to Andrea Ascani for inviting us and showing us the facilities and recent projects of their FabLab, and to the Distributed Design platform for facilitating our journey.

From ISEA to ARS Electronica

The Tools for a Warming Planet exhibition, of which we are a part, which was itself part of the La Irrupció exhibition, has ended. But the great news is that it will move to Ars Electronica, Austria! The Ars Electronica festival is a major event bringing together art, technology and society. We are very proud to be part of it with our fermenter necklace and 3D printed tempeh mould, continuing the discussion about the link we have with our food and the possible collaborations with fungi and micro-organisms in a crisis context.

Thanks to Sara Dean, Beth Ferguson, Marina Monsonís for curating and organizing!

Courtesy of the images: Tools for a Warming Planet

Summer Break

We are going on a trip and will close our shop for a few weeks. We will process your orders as soon as we return in September. Happy summer to all!